​Steel Fixers are primarily responsible for assembling and constructing various steel components to build and strengthen structures such as docks, power stations, bridges and many more edifices. As a Steel Fixer, you will likely be working as part of a large team focusing on one dedicated project at a time. You should possess a sound understanding of technical drawings and specifications, in order to undertake the assembling and formation of steel components successfully.

Before you secure a role as a Steel Fixer, you will require a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card to guarantee to be able to work on a construction site.

What are the key responsibilities of a Steel Fixer?

  • Assembling a variety of steel components to contribute to the formation of large structures

  • Installing and fixing steel beams to concrete bases for maximum support

  • Utilising tools and equipment if steel components require bending or cut to shape

As well as acquiring the relevant expertise to perform Steel Fixer responsibilities, professionals within this trade will also need to be comfortable working at various heights and in all weather conditions. Steel Fixers should be physically fit and have an eye for detail and precision whilst evaluating and assembling structures.

What are the working conditions and salary expectations of a Steel Fixer?

Most Steel Fixer roles follow the usual Monday to Friday schedule and offer a 40-hour week, with the possibility of working weekends or evenings to finish certain projects in order to meet demand and deadlines. Salaries can vary depending on the experience of Steel Fixers, from around £14,000 for entry-level workers and up to £35,000 for senior Steel Fixers.

Contact the Industrial Division Team

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