​Site managers are responsible for ensuring that a construction project is completed on time and within budget. Alternative job titles for site managers include construction manager, project manager and site agent. Site managers work on construction sites and work often begins just before construction. More senior construction managers will take responsibility for an entire project and may be known as the project manager or project director. More junior site managers may take responsibility for only a part of a project.

Areas and disciplines covered by Site Managers:

  • Supervising and overseeing the direction of the project, ensuring that the client’s specifications and requirements are met, reviewing progress and liaising with quantity surveyors to monitor costs

  • Liaising with the client, other construction professionals and, sometimes, members of the public

  • Coordinating and supervising construction workers

  • Selecting tools and materials

  • Making safety inspections and ensuring construction and site safety

  • Checking and preparing site reports, designs and drawings

  • Maintaining quality control procedures

  • Finding ways to prevent problems and to solve any that crop up

  • Assessing and minimising risk

  • Writing reports and keeping on top of paperwork

  • Helping to negotiate contracts and secure permits and licences

As construction site managers work on site wherever that site is, be prepared to relocate or face a longer commute as and when required.

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