​Quality control inspector positions make sure that warehouse goods and manufactured products meet the right standards before they are shipped to customers. This role varies widely, for example, Quality control inspector jobs in an engineering firm might use special equipment to check that parts have been properly assembled, professionals in the food sector might make sure that cakes are a standard size and colour, and that they have been packaged in line with the specification.

Quality control inspector jobs in a warehouse will also ensure that items leave the warehouse packaged correctly and carry out quality control checks on the goods. General tasks quality control inspector jobs are likely to carry out include monitoring the process at different stages, carrying out tests on items before they leave the warehouse and all quality control inspector jobs will be responsible for writing reports on the results.

These positions usually offer up to 38 to 40 hours a week. Quality control inspector jobs often work shifts, including evenings, nights and weekends, although it may be possible for Quality control inspector jobs to work part-time. 

What is expected of a Quality Control Inspector and what is the salary range?

Salaries for quality control inspector jobs range from around £14,000 to £35,000 for senior quality control inspector jobs a year. Quality control inspector jobs can progress to supervisor or team-leader level. Some organisations have teams devoted to quality assurance or management. With experience, quality control inspector jobs may move into this wider role.

Quality control inspector jobs have a need to be accurate and methodical, be good with numbers, be willing to work as part of a team and enjoy doing careful, detailed work. Employers of quality control inspector jobs include manufacturers in many sectors, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, building and construction, food and drink, aerospace, textiles, electrical and steel.

There may be opportunities for quality control inspectors to work abroad in some sectors. However, the number of quality control inspector jobs have been falling, as more sophisticated equipment has been developed which is better able to pick up inconsistencies.

Training is generally provided for quality control inspector jobs on the job by the employer. Quality control inspector jobs may also study part-time to extend their knowledge and advance their careers. There are a range of specialised courses available for Quality control inspectors, including an NVQ/SVQ in Quality Management at Level 4.

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