​Pipefitters are qualified tradesmen specialising in the installation, configuration and building stages of residential or commercial piping networks. They are also responsible for managing the repairs of any pipe systems and evaluating the best solutions for safety or leaking concerns.

The main duties of a Pipefitter include:

  • Effective installation of a variety of pipe fittings in a variety of settings

  • Secure and connect pipes in the form of welding, cementing, or threading joints

  • Prepare full-scale drawings and plan a successful pipe installation strategy

  • Examine, evaluate the need for maintenance or repairs followed by effective testing

  • Manage and organise own workload for any installation or repair projects

How do I qualify for a Pipefitter position?

Pipefitters are required to take part in and complete a relevant apprenticeship before securing a Pipefitting role. Some organisations also request that individuals have demonstrated knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) to create blueprints relating to piping systems. Pipefitters must be confident in using power tools to effectively assemble a number of diverse piping structures.

As well as obtaining a qualification, pipefitters must also develop a sound understanding of health and safety guidelines combined with the ability to lift and move heavy or dangerous equipment. Strong communication skills are desired and attention to detail is highly important due to the intricacy of the role.

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