​General Labourer Jobs are mainly available in the trade and construction industry. General labourer roles require candidates to partake in manual work that may be physically demanding, including the digging of trenches, building walls or plastering. General labourers may often work alongside skilled tradespeople. The construction industry also requires General labourers to help set up and dismantle access equipment and prepare specific materials- such as cement and plaster.

General Labourer Responsibilities

General labourer positions often include the following responsibilities;

  • Transporting products between receiving warehouse and production areas.

  • Maintain industry vehicles and material handling equipment in safe and good working conditions.

  • Operate equipment such as hand jacks and wheeled carts safely.

  • Ensure the work area is clean, safe and organised.

  • Lifting, carrying and moving vast amounts of materials.

  • Inspect product upon delivery to identify any damages.

Skills and Work Conditions of a General Labourer:

In order to succeed as a General Labourer, candidates should have basic numeracy and literacy skills, good communication skills and the ability to follow both verbal and written instructions. General Labourers are often paid an hourly rate, with the average rate ranging between £7.50-£12 per hour. Labourers will mostly work in outdoor environments and building sites, with the average general labourer working between 35-40 hours per week.

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