Cleaning jobs

Cleaners are responsible for performing a variety of cleaning tasks including vacuuming, mopping, wiping surfaces, dusting, and more. The duties of a Cleaning job can vary depnding on the specific requirements of the company you are working for and the size of the property. In a Cleaning job role, you are responsible for ensuring workspaces, and any other buildings, are safe and pleasant for use.

Within the Cleaning industry, you can have the option to work in either Events, Offices, Residential or Industrial spaces. Your cleaning job can also be internal (e.g. office spaces, warehouses, hotel rooms) or external (e.g. arenas, stadiums, car parks).

Whilst our Industrial Division recruits for roles like Industrial Cleaners and Hygiene Operatives, our Hospitality Division recruits for Housekeeping roles which you may be interested in.

​Skills of a Cleaner

  • Attention to detail

  • Reliable

  • Managing resources

  • Co-operating with your team

  • Lone working

It is important that as a Cleaner, you have awareness of the products you are using as well as any safety procedures you must follow.

Career Progression as a Cleaner

At Stafffinders, we often have a variety of Cleaner jobs available on a temporary and permanent basis. We also have dayshift and nightshift cleaning jobs, giving you the flexibility to select shifts that suit you and your lifestyle. Read our blog on why temping is the gateway to a long-term career.

If you are hardworking with a great level of knowledge of cleaning alongside a high level of cleaning experience, you could see yourself progress in your cleaning career. You could move into a specialist area of cleaning, or you could move up the ranks to a managerial or supervisory role.

Contact the Industrial Division Team

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