Restaurant Management jobs involve working in hotels, restaurants and fast-food outlets to ensure customer satisfaction and the efficient and profitable operations of the establishment. A Restaurant Manager must possess good leadership and management skills to ensure a motivated workforce to supply a quality service. Restaurant managers will be in charge of all front of house operations and staff until entering the kitchen, at which point authority normally concedes to the head chef.  

Their main role is to ensure that front of house operations run smoothly and professionally. The responsibility for building a team of Waiters, Sommeliers and Bartenders belongs to them.  This team of staff will normally greet and tend to the needs and requirements of guests however a Restaurant Manager often welcomes guests and escorts them to their table personally. Often the Restaurant Manager will also organise table reservations. 

A Restaurant Manager should have a good knowledge of all dishes and wines and must be able to divest this knowledge to those working with them. They will also be tasked with ordering all supplies for the front of house from wines and spirits to napkins and straws.

They should be able to anticipate where problems might arise before they do, and will also be expected to deal with any customer complaints.

They will be able to recognise regular patrons to the restaurant and anticipate their likes/dislikes and will have a heightened sense of diplomacy, discretion, and patience. 

Restaurant Manager responsibilities and duties

Daily duties include:

  • The recruitment, training and motivating of employees

  • Organising and supervising shifts

  • Performing quality control

  • Ensuring hygiene standards are adhered to

  • Ensuring health & safety processes are followed at all times

The possibilities are endless in hospitality and whilst Restaurant Managers often having to work long days and unsocial hours, salaries dependent on type, size and location of the employer can lean towards £25,000 per annum.

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