​Head Housekeeper is the title given the individual in charge of the entire Housekeeping department in a hotel. They may also go by other titles, including Housekeeper Manager, Director of Housekeeping and Executive Housekeeper.

When it comes to specific areas covered in Head Housekeeper Jobs, ensuring all rooms and public areas are thoroughly cleaned, presentable and ready to welcome new guests is paramount. Fundamental tasks include allocatation of daily cleaning duties and issuing items such as keys, linen and cleaning materials to Housekeepers. The main function of this is to ensure that the cleaning standards set by the hotel are met and guests’ expectations are exceeded.

Often they will be the first to be aware of damage or safety issues that need to be discussed and it is their responsibility to report them in a timely and accurate fashion.

In large establishments, they may manage many Housekeepers and Supervisors, while in smaller hotels, there may only be a handful. In either case, the role involves teamwork, motivating and managing staff and on occasions will involve performing cleaning duties themselves.

Duties for the Head Housekeeper

To excel in this role, candidates need to demonstrate several core competencies, which include:

  • Problem-solving and thinking on your feet to handle problems and emergencies whilst making effective decisions

  • Strong planning and organisation skills to ensure completion of all duties

  • Nurture working relationships with team members and other departments, such as reception and maintenance

  • Strong attention to detail to ensure that hotel standards are consistently met

  • Revel in leading, training and assisting others in their personal and professional growth

  • Be a stickler for health and safety

  • Possess the principles of honesty, integrity and discretion and instil in the team as a Housekeeper’s job involves access to guest bedrooms and their belongings.

Head Housekeepers expected salary: 

The trade body that covers the industry is known as UKHA and hotels in Scotland can access widely available support through the Scottish Region of the Housekeepers Association. The average salary for a Head Housekeeper is £18,000.

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