Food and Beverage Manager Jobs are prevalent in the current hospitality climate as more hotels ensure that their food and beverage product appeals both to residents and non-residents alike.  Food and Beverage Managers are the third most senior role in most large hotels after the General Manager and the operations manager and he/she oversees a team comprising all kitchen, restaurant and bar staff.  Ultimately, if you wish to pursue Food and Beverage Director jobs at a later stage, it's important to deliver in the management capacity.

In the food and beverage management role, you must maintain a profitable department, and to that end must determine that the prices charged for all products return a profit, must ensure that all stock levels are correct and take action if necessary.

Adding value as a Food and Beverage Manager:

The service level offered throughout the property in all food and beverage outlets is set by the management to comply with company standards, and all statutory requirements are within the food and beverage manager's remit.  Food managers must work closely with the HR department to ensure that all staff issues, recruitment, promotion and discipline, are addressed and must strive to maintain as low a turnover as possible.

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