An Event Manager’s key responsibility is to effectively plan, manage and evaluate a variety of events from start to finish, in order to meet the client’s goals and target audience. Your day to day duties will consist of creating highly detailed proposals for each event, researching a selection of venues, calculating total costs that adhere to the client’s budget and organise a marketing plan to promote the event.

Coordination and exceptional management skills are key for this type of role, as you will be responsible for juggling many suppliers and organising multiple elements that will lead to the success of the event. Ensuring everything runs smoothly and all problems are solved efficiently are also vital, whilst having strong knowledge of legal and health and safety regulations.

Am I qualified for an Events Manager role?

To be considered for an Events Manager position, the ideal candidate will possess a degree in Event Management or Marketing combined with at least two to three years of previous experience in coordinating events. Successful Events Managers have exceptional organisation skills, are able to multitask on a daily basis and have excellent communication to ensure strong working relationships.

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