Pharmacists work at the frontline of healthcare providing an increasing range of services. Typical work activities include:

  • dispensing prescription medicines to the public

  • ensuring that different treatments are compatible

  • checking dosage and ensuring that medicines are correctly and safely supplied and labelled (pharmacists are legally responsible for any dispensing errors)

  • supervising the preparation of any medicines (not all are supplied ready made-up by the manufacturer)

  • keeping a register of controlled drugs for legal and stock control purposes

  • liaising with doctors about prescriptions

  • selling over-the-counter medicines

  • counselling and advising the public on the treatment of minor ailments

  • advising patients of any adverse side-effects of medicines or potential interactions with other medicines/treatments

  • undertaking Medicine Use Reviews (MUR), an advanced service to help patients understand how their medicines work and why they have to take them

  • providing a prescription intervention service

  • managing a needle and syringe exchange

  • measuring and fitting compression hosiery

  • monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • offering a diabetes screening service

  • providing pregnancy testing

  • arranging the delivery of prescription medicines to patients

  • overseeing the ordering and safe storage of medical products

  • maintaining computerised records

  • managing, supervising and training pharmacy support staff

  • selling healthcare and other products, such as toiletries, cosmetics and photographic items

  • budgeting and financial management

  • promoting sales and developing the business

  • keeping up to date with current pharmacy practice, new drugs and their uses

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