Dental Practice Managers are responsible for supporting the Dentist with the daily running of the practice and the supervision of staff and will often report to the Lead Clinician.

Dentists and the practice manager might lead on recruitment and training and the practice manager will help with accounts, the accurate up keep of patient dental records, all relevant paperwork needed as well as a business strategy for the dental surgery.  

Communication with other dental professionals and staff, dental authorities and of course patients and other clerical staff within the practice will be common.

What does a Practice Manager do?

A practice manager  will often have a varied workload and although responsibilities may alter from practice to practice some of the duties may encompass ensuring stocks of dental materials and clerical supplies are maintained and dealing with financial issues such as accounts or staff wages. Throughout all tasks, patient confidentiality must be a top priority.

In order to fulfil the diverse job description the applicant must display exceptional planning skills and the ability to control all aspects of the running of the dental practice. An aptitude for numbers is also advantageous as is a keen interest in dental care and how it is delivered.

Several years of managerial experience are often required coupled with the necessary skills gained from working within a dental or healthcare environment in an administrative or clerical role.

Expected Salary - Dental Practice Manager

As at 2020, the average salary for a Practice Manager is £27,234 per year, although this depends on location and hiring practice. 

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