Dental nurses play a key role in the day to day running of dental practices, aiding across all areas of patient care- both surgical and non-surgical. Dental nurses often work alongside dentists, providing them with the correct equipment when required and assisting in the delivery of treatment. 

What does a Dental Nurse do?

The daily duties of a dental nurse will consist of the following:

  • Preparing dental equipment and materials

  • Recording dental charting

  • Provide support to dentists, hygienists and therapists across a range of dental procedures

  • Completing admin duties such as taking payments for treatments, recording appointments and completing relevant paperwork

Personal Skillset

Successful dental nurses must be diligent, hard-working individuals, who possess a can-do attitude. Dental nurses should also have good communication and interpersonal skills, as much of their work require communication with either the patient or dentist.  As with any position in dentistry, candidates must be registered with the General Dental Council

Salary and Work Conditions

The average salary for a dental nurse in Scotland is around £28,000, however, this salary may be lower or higher depending on experience and the hiring practice. In terms of working hours, dental nurses can expect to work between 38-45 hours per week.

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