AutoCAD (computer-aided design) draughts people play an important part in designing everything from buildings and road systems to washing machines and wallpapers.

Those who work with AutoCAD use special computer programmes to create on-screen drawings needed in a whole range of sectors, including architecture, building services, construction, civil and structural engineering and manufacturing. Jobs dealing AutoCAD can often be turned into the engineering or architectural drawings that are used for eventual construction.

They usually work in a team with others, where each person works on a part of the project. A junior draughtsperson works on technical drawings for components or small sections of a product or project. Those with more experience, may have responsibility for major sections or the overall design and might contribute to decisions about the project.

Key attributes of the AutoCAD draughtsperson

  • to be very skilled on computers and with CAD packages.

  • to understand construction or production methods and processes.

  • maths ability and communication skills.

  • interested in designing on computers and finding solutions to design problems.

All manufacturing and construction companies need designs and technical drawings to work from. You could also work for engineering design consultancies or become self-employed. There are engineering and design companies in almost every part of the country.

Adults with a background in a similar area may be able to move into AutoCAD, perhaps studying part-time for a relevant qualification.

The average salary for this job is £23,000.

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