Architectural Assistants jobs can basically be described as the students of Architecture.  There are 6 Universities and Colleges in Scotland, where students can study and undertake specialist training.  Architectural Assistants jobs will involve full or part time study and work experience.

Architectural Assistants jobs will aid Architects with design, project running and often be involved in the technical aspects of design development through to the final construction stage.

Duties of an Architectural Assistant 

  • Provide architectural assistance to architects in developing construction plans.

  • Prepare and develop layouts, elevations, cross sections in construction drawings.

  • Assist architectural teams in dimensional surveys of buildings.

  • Apply survey notes in architectural drawings with precise specifications.

  • Use advanced software like CAD or ArchiCAD in preparing architectural plans.

  • Assist and support architects in executing multiple architectural projects. 

  • Interact with clients to implement their plans and goals in architectural project drawings.

  • Execute all aspects of architectural processes and issues.

  • Maintain all architectural drawings, plans, client specifications and survey notes in organised manner.

  • Ensure compliance of all architectural guidelines and standards.

A typical Architectural Assistant salary can vary between £19,000 and £32,000 depending on experience. 

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