The role of a Senior Construction Manager is paramount to the success of large construction projects derived from a varied portfolio of clients. As the Senior Construction Manager of an organisation, you will be responsible for the initial planning, to the delivery and performance evaluation of construction projects. Supervising a diverse team as well as managing resources and effective schedules are also key duties of a Senior Construction Manager.

What is involved in a Senior Construction Management position?

  • Fully manage the planning stages through to the implantation and evaluation of multiple projects

  • Evaluate and prepare overall cost estimates for projects that align with proposed budgets

  • Identify all of the key tasks required to ensure all aspects of the work is covered

  • Supervise the construction team and offer support throughout the course of the project

  • Identify and implement necessary safety measures and best practices

  • Create and deliver subcontracting documents in a professional and timely manner

How do I qualify for a role within Senior Construction Management?

To secure a position as Senior Construction Manager, organisations will expect a demonstrated background and adequate experience within the construction industry. Prior to this, construction professionals will likely complete a relevant degree in Construction Management, Construction Engineering or similar to gain a certified qualification. In order to become a senior member of a construction organisation, managers are usually recruited as assistants whereby they will receive on the job training before securing a more senior role.

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