Scaffolding jobs involve the assembly temporary metal structures, often surrounding construction projects, that allow for greater efficiency and safety in the construction process. Scaffolding roles require candidates to create structures that suit both simple and complex building projects. Scaffolders will need to be able to unload, move and maintain scaffolding equipment whilst ensuring structures made are safe for use. Scaffolding positions require candidates to have a good grasp of health and safety protocols owing to the fact Scaffolder Jobs are often deemed as ‘high risk’ due to the requirement of working from heights.

Main Responsibilities of a Scaffolder

The daily duties of Scaffolders will consist of some of the following tasks;

  • Erect and destruct scaffolding structures around construction projects.

  • Understand complex building plans in order to configure effective structures.

  • Carry out routine health and safety checks to ensure health and safety legislation is fulfilled.

  • Maintain scaffolding equipment.

Required skills and work conditions

Scaffolding jobs require strong communication and teamworking skills, as most projects will require a great deal of team coordination. Scaffolders should also possess strong organisational skills, a good grasp of health and safety protocol and a good level of physical fitness. The average working hours for scaffolding jobs range from 40-45 hours per week. 

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