Demand for Quantity Surveyors is at its highest level since the recession and mostly down to the increasing number of potential building projects in the pipelines. It's a real bonus for those looking to begin a lucrative career with Quantity Surveyor Jobs.

You'll get heavily involved in the setting and managing of budgets throughout construction and civil engineering projects and be adept at cost consultancy.  Senior Quantity Surveyors Jobs will manage several tasks throughout the life cycle of a construction project from finding investors, supervising contractors and forecasting costs.

Overall, your task in quantity surveying is to figure out what materials a construction project will need and how much it will cost.  During construction projects, you'll report on the costs and needs of the project, and will often be required to monitor subcontractors, risks, disputes and regulatory issues.

Many job opportunities can arise for Quantity Surveyors and this will take you into different organisations, covering niche engineering service companies to architectural practises in Glasgow, Edinburgh and further afield to name but a few.

Duties and responsibilities in quantity surveying jobs

Quantity surveyors are responsible for managing all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects. On a daily basis, the checklist may involve the following:

  • Manage various tasks throughout the construction’s life cycle.

  • Analyse costs involved in projects, either for repair or maintenance.

  • Identify commercial risks involved with projects and propose viable responses.

  • Allocate work to subcontractors, analysing the outcomes and providing detailed progress reports.

  • Advise clients on relevant procurement strategy.

  • Ensure the construction project is completed within its projected budget.

Progression to Senior Quantity Surveyor jobs requires candidates to manage the financial and commercial aspects of projects, understand and adhere to current legislation, health and safety law and contract law. Offer strategic guidance to clients, including prioritising spending, outsourcing etc.

How much can you earn with a job in quantity surveying

Unlike some professions, Quantity Surveyors earn more money as they get older and more experienced.  Surveyors can enter the profession by studying quantity surveying to degree level or convert a different degree as a postgraduate and can start as a trainee surveyor while studying. 

A newly qualified Quantity Surveyor can expect a starting salary of £23,000. The average salary sits around £34,000 and Senior Quantity Surveyors earn between £45,000-£60,000. Obtaining chartered status through the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) increases job prospects and earning potential. Find out more on the RICS website.

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