Surveyors play a crucial role in identifying lawful property boundaries for a variety of real estate and building developments. The Surveyors key day to day assignments involve carrying out site inspections utilising specific instruments in order to develop accurate sketches and notes whilst collecting necessary data and measurements.

These positions also heavily involve communicating with various architects and engineers, therefore ensuring all measurements and calculations are accurate is essential for projects to continue into construction stages. Work environments can also vary for Surveyors, from office-based preparations and reviewing to fieldwork in a variety of locations.

How do I qualify for a Surveyor role?

To be considered for a Surveyor role, you must have secured a bachelor’s degree in either Surveying or Engineering and be able to demonstrate exceptional mathematical skills. Successful surveyors possess invaluable attention to detail and are comfortable with working alongside multiple contractors. The ability to manage your own time effectively is advantageous as you may be expected to work out of normal hours or away from home for certain projects.

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