Land Surveyors are mainly responsible for the measuring and assessing of land boundaries, checking its suitability for large construction and engineering projects . Land Surveyor Jobs often complete tasks that requires the use of complex surveying equipment and respond directly to

Project Management Jobs.

You'll be tasked with carrying out land surveys across a variety of industries and locations and be willing to work away from home and/or carry out night work, as required.

Land Surveyor Jobs: Main Responsibilities

The main duties carried out by Land Surveyors are as follows;

  • Undertaking land/topographic/hydrographic/measured building surveys, using a variety of specialist equipment and technology, such as robotics and 3D scanners.

  • Analysing data using plans, maps, charts and software such as AutoCAD and GIS (geographic information systems).

  • Presenting data to clients, Advising about technical matters and whether construction plans are viable

To become a Land Surveyor, you'll need:

  • engineering expertise

  • understanding of the problems that exist in agriculture

  • technical ability

  • creativity to solve problems

Successful Land Surveyors possess good attention to detail, communication skills, computer competencies and accuracy of observation. Surveyor candidates are most eligible if they hold a bachelor’s degree in surveying or civil engineering. For some Land Surveying specific jobs, licences may be required.

Expected salary and on the job conditions

As of 2020, there are 4500 Land Surveyors currently employed across construction and engineering sectors in Scotland, with the average UK salary for the position ranging from £38,000-£44,000. Land Surveyors may work between 35- 40 hours per week, with the role combining both office and site work.

The Surveyor's Association provides all the details.

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