Estimator jobs are vital within every construction firm. Estimators are essential for every type of construction project, with each project needing an accurate and comprehensive estimate of materials needed. Estimators work closely with the engineering and architectural blueprints to prepare a complete list of all job costs, including labour, material, equipment, and speciality items necessary to complete the project.

As you advance through your construction career, gaining more experience, there are plenty of opportunities for career enhancement to take on Senior Estimator Jobs.

Skills and duties for Estimator Jobs

An estimator’s typical responsibilities include:

  • analysing plans, bills of quantities and other project documentation in order to estimate costs

  • researching, sourcing, negotiating and obtaining the best prices and quotes from suppliers and subcontractors

  • analysing data that can affect costs (such as currency exchange rates and the company’s productivity rates)

  • assessing the financial, technical and operational risks of the project

  • visiting project sites to gather information

  • staying aware of the latest construction technologies

  • keeping up to date with the latest regulatory and legislative requirements

  • inputting into decisions over whether to bid for the project

  • working closely with key members of the project team (such as the bid manager) and liaising with clients and suppliers

  • keeping detailed records and writing reports.

Required qualifications for Estimator roles

Estimator positions require knowledge of construction techniques and proper scheduling of purchases. Estimator candidates also require the ability to work accurately and quickly under pressure. Successful Estimators will have a strong grasp of mathematics and must be computer literate. Estimators work is generally office based but some field coordination is often required, with the average working week varying depending on project requirements. Estimator salaries vary dependant on location and company, guideline salary range comes in between £50,000 - £70,000.

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