If you enjoy problem solving and are interested in the design and construction of buildings, consider a career as a building surveyor.  You'll deliver advice on construction and property projects and undertake Building Surveyor Jobs which deliver advice in the form of structured reports, known as Building Surveys.

Typical projects include existing buildings, buildings of architectural or historic importance and the development of new ones. You may implement preventative measures to keep buildings in good condition and look for ways to make buildings sustainable. In addition, you'll look to identify structural issues and provide means to rectify such defects, as well as checking the plans, drawings and specifications for new buildings.

Core responsibilities and duties - building surveying

Building surveyor jobs will vary depending upon the project or the employing organisation. However, the main job duties will often consist of the below:

  • Analyse the condition of current buildings, detailing defects and introducing means to solve and prevent such defects.

  • Prepare and cost project designs for future buildings.

  • Advise clients on projects and provide clients with support regarding health and safety features of buildings.

  • Ensure buildings are completed to a high standard whilst remaining within budget.

  • Provide guidelines to preserve and maintain historical buildings.

What do you need for building surveying jobs

Successful Building Surveyors will have strong technical knowledge regarding building surveying. Most employers ask for an HND or Degree in subjects such as Building Control Surveying or Civil Engineering. Generally, Building Surveyors work 40 hours per week, however, more hours may be required dependent on the needs of certain clients.

As at 2020, graduate Building Surveyors can expect to earn between £22,000 to £26,000, with this figure rising to £44,000 to £50,000 for more experienced senior surveyors.

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