A volunteer manager/coordinator has a very interesting and diverse role. Their main responsibility is to ensure that an organisation has enough volunteers by recruiting, placing and retaining volunteers.

A volunteer manager/coordinator typically possesses a high-level position and has supervisory responsibilities. They usually reach this position through several years of volunteer experience. Whilst they most likely work in voluntary and charitable organisations, there are some volunteer manager/coordinator roles within the private sector.

A range of duties that a volunteer manager/coordinator is likely to perform include:

  • Liaise with departments within the organisation to assess their volunteering needs

  • Attract suitable candidates by generating role descriptions and advertising volunteer opportunities

  • Interview potential volunteers to ensure an appropriate match

  • Provide comprehensive training for all volunteers

  • Promote volunteering through campaigns, both internally and externally

  • Monitor volunteer performance

  • Attend meetings

  • Organise events to attract new volunteers

  • Manage budgets and ensure volunteer needs are met

  • Evaluate volunteer activities and events and write reports for trustees and funders

In order to become a volunteer manager/coordinator, there a list of skills that you must possess. As well as having several years of experience within volunteering and an understanding of the sector, you must also show a commitment to the cause of the organisation. 

A handful of other skills required to become a volunteer manager/coordinator include:

  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills

  • Anility to recruit, train and supervise others

  • Ability to coordinate events and projects

  • Ability to inspire others

  • Excellent time management and organisational skills

  • Ability to manage a budget 

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