Risk Management professionals are primarily responsible for identifying and analysing the types of risks that an organisation may be vulnerable to, and in turn determining how the business can avoid them. This is in integral position with any organsiation, as you will be in charge of ensuring the business doesn't encounter any significant losses and eliminating the risks for future activity. Risk Management or Analysis professionals not only assess the risk of day-to-day operations but also perform analysis on future investment decisions, to limit the chances of loss.

How do I qualify for a Risk Management position?

Accounting professionals usually need to obtain a degree in accountancy, finance or risk management before commencing within the role of this profession. Most clients will also prefer if accounting professionals have an ACCA or CIMA qualification, whilst being able to demonstrate mathematical skills and advanced excel knowledge.

Candidates looking to pursue a Risk Management or Analysis require excellent mathematical skills as well as a sound understanding of financial documents. You will be extremely organised in order to effectively manage a broad range of documents, whilst being proficient in communication and written skills.

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