Fund Accounting is the process of managing the amount of revenue a business receives via donations, grants or other sources. This method of accounting is mainly used by nonprofit and government organisations whose main priority is not to gain profit but to add value to the businesses key visions. 

As a Fund Accountant, you are responsible for overseeing accountability for all incoming and more importantly all outgoing activity. Your key duties will involve:

  • Monitoring and reporting on monetary activity

  • Calculate and document daily NAV (Net Asset Value)

  • Process any outgoing payments

  • Identify an organisations financial position

  • Determine available resources

Do I qualify for a Fund Accounting role?

Fund Accountants usually need to obtain a degree in accountancy or finance before commencing within the role of this profession. Most clients will also prefer if accounting professionals have an ACCA or CIMA qualification, whilst being able to demonstrate mathematical skills and advanced excel knowledge.

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