​Generally, Cost Accountant Jobs are qualified ACCA/CIMA professionals, who tend to be in senior positions which are crucial to the success of their organisations. Securing a qualification is traditionally done via a four year accounting/finance course or through relevant experience

Management accountants tend to be most involved during the manufacturing process of a company's products or services, to ensure high quality and maximum return on investment.

Cost Accountant Jobs are responsible for conducting all aspects cost control and analysis including budgetary control, yield and variance analysis and compiling reports on key performance indicators. (KPI's) Preparatory reporting and the ability to forecast monthly and annual estimates are essential skills for a management accountant.

Training the next generation in Cost Accounting Jobs

The major changes technology is bringing to the sector is also posing challenges for firms on how they train the next generation of accountants.

Entry-level jobs have historically been made up of the more routine tasks that are likely to become automated. Training will need to become richer and to focus on the soft skills currently learned through experience.  Cost Accountants of the future need to be innovators and the genuine expertise lies in becoming subject matter experts to provide specialist consultancy to clients.

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