Actuary jobs aim to make financial sense of the future. Actuary jobs do this by advising on the possible financial results of projects that are being planned. Actuary jobs work involves analysing what has happened in the past, predicting what different things could happen in the future, assessing the risks involved in those things that could happen and explaining to senior managers what the results would mean in financial terms.

Actuary jobs use their expertise in maths, statistics, economics, law, marketing and accounting.

Starting salaries for graduates are between £19,000 and £24,000 a year. A newly-qualified Actuary jobs will earn at least £44,000, and this can rise to well over £100,000 a year for a senior manager in a large company.

Actuary jobs should be very strong in maths and statistics, be good at analysing information and be able to explain complicated information clearly.

It can be possible to become an actuary with A levels/H grades. Most entrants though have a degree, often in a subject such as maths, actuarial science, economics, statistics or physics. Training combines work with part-time study for the examinations of the Institute of Actuaries or the Faculty of Actuaries. It usually takes five or six years to qualify.

Most actuary jobs start by working for a life assurance or consultancy company. There are also opportunities with general insurance companies, banks, industrial and commercial companies and the Government Actuary's Department.

Actuary jobs can become managers, partners in consultancy firms or senior executives of companies.

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