Warehouse Recruitment

Warehouse recruitment service

Need temporary, permanent or contract Warehouse staff? Let’s talk. We have been recruiting since 1971, so you can trust us to get it right!

From Picker/Packers to Warehouse Supervisors, we supply a range of highly skilled and enthusiastic warehouse staff for a range of temporary and permanent assignments throughout Scotland.  Clients can be guaranteed tailored solutions to meet their business objectives, ensuring that crucial positions are filled and working to maximum efficiency.

Temporary Staff For When You Need Them Most

We have an extensive database of candidates who are categorised by level of experience, availability and technical skills. This means that we can provide temporary staff in a very short amount of time, giving you flexibility and greater control over your staffing levels and costs.  

Temporary workers can be employed for a range of positons including, picking and packing, freight handling and forklift driving. Available 24/7, Stafffinders’ temporary workers can work early mornings, days, evenings, nights, weekends and public holidays.  Engaged for as little as 4 hours per assignment, temporary workers are a fantastic option for organisations whose required staffing levels often fluctuate. 

Permanent Staff to Streamline Your Business and Grow Profits

Looking for more permanent staff to help boost business operations?

From Warehouse Supervisors to Health and Safety Officers, we work with one thing in mind; placing people who can help to sustain and grow your business.

Our widespread network means we have access to highly sought after candidates who may not be currently active in the job market. Working discreetly and with your best interests in mind, we approach our extensive network to locate and introduce you to the very best candidates.

Online Timesheets

All temporary workers are managed through our bespoke and innovative Online Timesheet solution. Available via mobile, tablet and computer, Online Timesheets let you view temporary workers weekly timesheets, manage upcoming bookings and view all previous timesheets for your organisation anytime, anywhere.  

Contact the Warehouse Division Team

Email the WarehouseDivision at warehouse@stafffinders.co.uk.

Candidates can submit a CV online using our Register online service.

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