Private Security & Close Protection Recruitment

Stafffinders Private Client Recruitment team provides a varied range of Security and Close Protection services. Utilised by high profiled athletes, celebrities, politicians, government officials and senior business Leaders, our Private Security Recruitment team provide a discreet, professional and reliable service where safety is the highest priority.

From every day estate guards to military trained close security professionals who are trained in hostile, anti-hijacking and anti-ambush situations, our service is flexible, convenient and professional.

Our services are also a dependable solution for CEO’s, Board of Directors and other Corporate Leaders who are facing hostile situations such as public protests and demonstrations.

Security and Close Protection services include:

  • Estate & Residence Security
  • Close Protection & VIP Security
  • Escort Security
  • Private Event Security
  • Executive Protection

When responding to potential threats, candidates are trained and experienced in controlling the situation and if appropriate, using physical force. Attention to detail is crucial and candidates are highly organised and professional; writing daily reports, rehearsing scenarios and planning for client outings and trips as well as events and holidays. They also have knowledge of alternative routes from any given situation, including knowledge of routes to private airports and docks.

Our security candidates have outstanding communication and awareness skills, particularly in emotional and high intensity situations. They also come trained in wilderness survival and advanced first aid, ensuring your safety in any situation. They are extremely well trained in using a wide range of equipment, including night vision goggles and heat seeking and infrared equipment. Candidates are also trained and experienced in high alert compound security including the sweeping of buildings, grounds and vehicles.

All candidates come fully referenced with comprehensive international background, personal associate and character checks. All candidates also come with valid security licences.

Contact the Private Client Recruitment Team

For a confidential discussion about your unique requirements, please contact one of Stafffinders’ specialist Private Client Recruitment Consultants who would be delighted to assist.

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