Traffic Survey Partners

For the past 2 years, Stafffinders have been ensuring a provision of high quality staff for our valued client, TSP. It is through the hard work and quality service provided by our dedicated employees that we have built and maintained a strong working relationship. Read below TSP’s reasons as to why they continue to utilise our services time and time again.

 “I have been utilising the services offered by Stafffinders (Edinburgh Office) for the past two years and have established a solid professional relationship that has become essential in the conduct of my company’s work in the east and south of Scotland.

As we are based in London it is essential that I can convince potential clients that we have a solid physical presence in Edinburgh and Stafffinders provide that confidence.

In particular I commend the company on the following aspects of their business.

  • My staff requirements are slightly unusual and require a particular type of person to carry out the work effectively and Staffinders quickly identified the type of person I was looking for and consistently provide staff who carry out their work to the highest standards.
  • I regularly visit the office for staff briefings etc and given the distance involved it is critical that I don’t make a wasted journey-this has never happened as all has been well organised by the time I arrive- staff are there, rotas are arranged etc.
  • Stafffinders office staff take a particular interest in my projects and sit in on briefings and thus know what is going on and are able, and trusted, to make short term decisions on my behalf should the unexpected happen- e.g. staff sickness. This is crucial to the smooth running of my work.
  • I am particularly grateful for the occasions on which office staff have on their own initiative carried out a range of office functions- photocopying, scanning, collecting data and even carrying out further staff briefings on my behalf- in effect acting as my office in Edinburgh
  • Time sheet authorisation and invoicing is accurate and has been assisted immensely by the recent introduction of an automated system allowing clients to access and authorise/amend staff claims quickly and without the need to print/sign/return which is very inconvenient if, like many, you are not tied to an office.

Whilst I am indebted to the efforts of the office as a whole I would make particular reference to the efforts of Rhian Lewis ably assisted by Alex Jones who have really engaged with my work and who I view as valued members of the TSP family in Scotland.

I would recommend their services wholeheartedly and I look forward to a continuing relationship in the coming years.”