Working to Live, or Living to Work?

In one of our previous articles, Why are Employee Resignations at a Five-Year High?, we discussed the recent influx of employees leaving their positions, and contemplated the reasons that pushed them to do so. Undeniably, in our current climate it is far more common to frequently change career path, in stark comparison to previous generations.

Millennials in particular have the reputation of shifting jobs regularly, with Gallup finding that 60% of millennials are open to new job opportunities, suggesting that employees perhaps need to make more of an effort to keep them interested in order to keep them in the company. From a recent BPS World survey of over 1000 employees – 47% ranked enjoyment of their role as the main reason they stayed in their longest serving job, showing that employee engagement with their role and workplace in general is a crucial in keeping good employees, and must not be underestimated.

It is therefore obvious that companies must place huge focus on efforts to ensure employee happiness and engagement. Luckily, there are many easy, cost-effective ways to do so. Whether your company is a small business or a larger corporation, the outcome of investing in your employees’ wellbeing will be obvious and highly constructive. These five straightforward steps are a great place to start. Trust us – you will be just as grateful as your employees will be for making the extra effort! Not only are they cost effective, they are an undeniable investment in employee happiness, and therefore in the company.


(1)    Encourage conversation and laughter

Sometimes we need peace and quiet to concentrate on work; that’s a given. However, it’s also important for employees to socialise, and on a stressful day laughter really could be the best medicine. Make sure desks aren’t too isolated, and that employees don’t feel they have to sit in silence for the full duration of the day.


(2)    Be flexible

Don’t underestimate the importance of giving employees the option of flexible working. Whether it’s the odd day of working from home, or being able to leave a bit earlier and make up the hours later, this is something that can significantly aide employee engagement. Not only will employees be grateful, they’ll likely work harder while they are in the office to show their appreciation.

(3)    Celebrate personal events and achievements

Nothing lightens the mood like some cake, so it could be a great idea to celebrate employee bdaybirthdays in the office with some birthday cake and a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’! Not only will it make the recipient feel appreciated, it’ll give everyone a quick break from work and allow for some team bonding. Similarly, acknowledge any achievements that a staff member might have recently accomplished, whether it is work related or not. At Stafffinders, we make sure every member of staff enjoys cake and a birthday card on their special day!


(4)    Friday fun

Why not start the weekend early and plan something for employees every Friday afternoon, or at the least the last Friday of the month? It could be as simple as a dress down day, or ordering in pizza for everyone to share for lunch. On the last Friday of each month, Stafffinders has a dress down day and every member of staff who takes part contributes a donation to our chosen charity. Little things like these can take the pressure off at the end of the week, and give employees something to look forward to. It’s a good idea to inform employees at the start of the week to boost some morale.

(5)    Listen

One of the biggest setbacks for employees is when their concerns fall on deaf ears. If an employee has a genuine worry or complaint, try not to brush them off or get too defensive. Take what they say on board, find out if it’s a widespread issue, and if it requires changing – change it. It’s important that your employees know they can talk to you about any issues, and resolving these is a massive step toward guaranteeing a happy workforce. An open-door policy is a great start to implement this, and is something we value at our Stafffinders offices.


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