Work Experience - The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Christmas season is upon us! Slowly but surely, everywhere we turn is covered in Christmas lights, glitter, and tinsel, with the sound of some festive tunes seemingly following us around. It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! Or not…

For many of us, Christmas can be a daunting time during which wallets and purses seem to get lighter and lighter as the days go by. So, why not consider a seasonal job? Countless companies will be hiring, and who knows – it could do a lot more for you than provide a few extra pennies!

If you’re still in two minds over hitting the ‘apply’ button, here’s some perks it could provide you with:

(1)    Cash

This is most likely the reason you’re considering it in the first place. Christmas is undoubtedly the most cash-strapped time of year for many of us, so of course a seasonal job would help and take a bit of pressure off your pocket.


(2)    Experience

If you’re CV is looking a little bit tired, a Christmas job is the perfect way to spruce it up. Temporary work is the perfect opportunity to pick up new skills that can bulk up your CV, and provide you with valuable experience that can benefit you in the long-run of your working life.


(3)    Networking

Every job opportunity, no matter how long you are there, provides the opportunity of networking. You’re bound to meet a variety of new people when working in a Christmas job, making it the perfect chance to add to your contacts – both professionally and socially.


(4)    Branding

Use this opportunity to build your own personal brand. It is always a good idea to show future employers that you have been gainfully employed, when others may be less motivated.  Christmas is a busy period in the majority of industries, and working during this time can show that you were working hard while others were enjoying the festivities.


(5)    Opportunity

As with any temporary job, there is always the possibility of it leading to something for long-term. Work to the best of your ability, show off your skills, and make a good impression – you never know where it could lead! Even if they have nothing available at the time, it might lead to another opportunity at some point in the future.


If you’re interested in a temporary role over Christmas, have a look at our vacancies to see if any suit your festive needs: