Winner of the £25 Amazon gift card

Congratulations to Irene Johnston who won our Facebook competition!

Irene shared her story from when she was a receptionist several years ago and she gave us a good chuckle in the Stafffinders office. 

Read her funny work story:

Many years ago when I was doing a YTS, I was employed as an HR Assistant/Receptionist. Everyone in the company seemed lovely, but they just all kept telling me that there had been so many before me, but they only lasted a week or two, then left. 

At the end of my first week, I was thinking this is okay, can't think why people had left. On the Monday morning, I was getting all my equipment out of the cupboard, when I found a packet of flavoured condoms (one was missing, might I add). Well, as you can image I was thinking "oh no, the dirty old HR manager, he must think I'm his next conquest!"

For the rest of the day I avoided the HR manager and tried to think of a polite way of saying I wouldn't be back. I eventually mentioned what was going through my head to one of the girls and she burst out laughing. Turns out one of the previous receptionists had left for her second round of maternity leave after only being back for a month and they had bought them as a prank to ensure she didn't come back pregnant for the third time.

Needless to say my worries vanished & I was happily employed there for nine years.