Career Paths: Hospitality and Catering

From restaurant visits to hotel stays, we have all had experiences with the hospitality and catering industry at some point. What we perhaps don’t realise, as the customer, is just how much goes in to the running of the industry. With both front and back of house opportunities, there is undoubtedly lots going on, both in full view of the customer and behind the scenes. So, you’ve undoubtedly been involved through the perspective of the consumer, but what’s it like from the other side, and why should you consider a career in this fast-moving, ever-growing industry?


(1)    It’s creative – A career in hospitality and catering can undoubtedly bring out your creative side. Whether you’re creating an Instagram-worthy meal, a mind-blowing cocktail or an exciting experience for guests, hospitality and catering can give you the perfect source to exhibit your creative talents.


(2)    Not 9-5 – If 9am-5pm office life isn’t for you, a role in hospitality could be. The industry offers a wide range of variety in many areas, your hours being one. A career change not worth considering if you value a fixed routine!


(3)    Options – As previously mentioned, there are many different sides to the industry. Roles range from customer-based roles such as hosting, serving tables, and desk clerks to hands-on kitchen roles including head chef, sous chef and line cooks.


(4)    Every Day is Different – Just as your hours vary with each week, so too will your day-to-day experiences. Although you carry out your same role, you’ll come across an assortment of customers and guests, meaning your days can be somewhat unpredictable, but exciting all the same.


(5)    Fast Growing Future – Tourism in Scotland has seen incredible increases recently, with 1.26million trips by overseas visitors from July to September 2017 alone – completing a 14.6% year on year rise, according to the Office for National Statistics. This inevitably creates a growing demand within the hospitality and catering industry, for both hotels tourists will reside in and restaurants they will visit whilst here.


(6)    It’s Rewarding – Hard work? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. The effort contributed by front of house staff can easily make someone’s day. Some great customer service can really go a long way, and not only will the customer be satisfied, you’ll likely feel chuffed too. Back of house staff won’t have the same level of customer interaction; however, the comradery in a busy kitchen can often lead to some unforgettable memories making the hard graft worthwhile.


This is just a taster of the many reasons a career in hospitality and catering could be the one for you. If you’ve thought about it or have any questions regarding the possibilities of a hospitality role, get in touch by emailing .

Whether you have experience in the industry or are considering a change of career path, our consultants have a vast collection of knowledge - as well as past involvement - in the industry, making Stafffinders the perfect choice to help you in your hospitality and catering job hunt.