Why Recruitment Agency Expertise Makes Talent Pool Recruitment Easier

The hunt for new staff can often be frustrating, and sometimes a burden. Using a recruitment agency such as Stafffinders can have numerous benefits for a business, not to mention take a weight off your shoulders. Here’s the top reasons for enlisting recruitment agency expertise into your hiring strategy.


Going through a mountain of CVs to find that only a handful of candidates are what you’re looking for isn’t the most productive way to spend your day. When using a recruitment agency, however, you won’t need to consider this. At Stafffinders we already have a stream of suitable candidates, and can proactively source potential employees that are fit for interview.

When arranging temporary cover for absent staff, you need fast response action to ensure business continuity. The REC argues that using a recruitment agency takes the pressure off employers in this situation:

  • 68% of employers stated that agency workers have helped them meet peaks in demand
  • 59% of these being specifically for covering staff leave and absence.

Time Saving

Hiring new staff can become a long and protracted process and using a recruitment agency not only cuts down this time, but takes much of the administrative burden out of your hands. Your consultant will handle all communication with the candidate until the interview – leaving you to focus on interview preparation and present your company to potential new recruits.

Candidates will also be screened by the consultant, meaning you already know they are credible by the time the interview comes around. At Stafffinders, our consultants develop good rapport with candidates, meaning they know exactly who they are putting forward to you.

Cost Saving

Using a recruitment agency can also save your business money. Firstly, if it’s just extra hours you need covered, paying temporary staff provided by Stafffinders can often work out cheaper than offering overtime to current employees. This is clarified in the REC’s Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy, which identifies this as a benefit of using employment agencies to recruit temporary workers. Secondly, when working with Scotland’s oldest recruitment agency, it is less likely that you will end up with a ‘bad hire’, guarding against the costs of re-hiring and re-training.


Knowing your market is crucial when sourcing staff, as without doing so it can be difficult to find the most suitable candidates for the role.  Working with a recruitment agency means you can be confident they will find your target candidate.

This is particularly true if you work with the same agency more than once, as they will get to know your business and develop an innate understanding of the type of employee to fit within your company culture. Stafffinders consultants have extensive knowledge of their industry, giving you peace of mind to know they are proactively sourcing to fill your recruitment needs.  

Access to Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate for your business might not necessarily be the one scouting job boards for new openings. They might, however, work with a recruiter – meaning that if you too choose to work with a recruitment agency, it could provide you access to the candidates you really want. Stafffinders work with an extensive list of impressive candidates, and you never know, we could have exactly the right employee to contribute to your organisation. Often we will find candidates not available on the open market which will provide some quick wins as well as defining the next stage of the business strategy.


If you’re looking for a recruitment agency to take care of the hiring process, freeing you up to do what you do best, then talk to us today. Stafffinders cover a wide range of industries, and our team of expert consultants will go above and beyond to find the candidates perfect for your business. Contact us here