Why the Hospitality Industry can serve up your ideal job

Have you ever contemplated applying for a job in the hospitality industry? Good news, you’ve stumbled across the correct article! The hospitality industry can offer some of the most dynamic, exciting and rewarding working conditions available today. Here are our top five reasons to consider hospitality for your next career move.

Your work really matters

Hospitality requires the provision of excellent service, regardless of your specific job title. Whether you work as a Waiter/WaitressReceptionist or Chef de Partie, the intangible nature of the service industry places an emphasis on staff, and their service standard. From the customer perspective, staff are often viewed as the physical representation of the company. Therefore, if you’re someone who is relentless in maintaining high standards, and gains fulfilment from helping others, hospitality might just be the industry for you. After all, there is a real sense of fulfilment after working at large, important events and seeing lots of satisfied customers. 

Global Industry 

The demand for hospitality services transcends borders, meaning its perfect for those of us who enjoy travelling the world. The multicultural characteristic possessed by the hospitality industry means, in just about any location you can think of, there will be hotels, restaurants or guest houses- and they all require staff! Giving that you have the relevant skill set, and are ideally multilingual, you have much greater access to international work when compared with other employment sectors. Furthermore, for some specific job roles, staff may get to stay on location. This is often the case in remotely located outlets, or for jobs that require on site work, with the term 'live in' referring to the  on-site living accommodation provided by the workplace. This allows staff to experience new parts of the world for themselves. 

Flexible Working 

With the 9-5 shift being the norm for most of us, it is welcoming news that this may differ in the hospitality sector. It is a well-known fact that hospitality can cater for your own working needs. Whether you’re looking for full time work, or a student looking for some weekend shifts, hospitality will be able to serve up something suitable.  Flexibility becomes even greater around seasonal times when organisations, such as restaurants and hotels, require additional part time staff to offset increased demand. 

Split shifts are also commonplace in the hospitality industry. For some, such shifts may be viewed as an inconvenience but, for others, it's deemed as a working perk.  A split shift is a shift in which an employee’s working day is compiled of two, smaller shifts separated by a break. For example, rather than working the standard 9-5, split shifts may involve working between 7-11 am and then recommencing work between 4-9 pm. 

Great Career Development

Occupying a job position in the hospitality sector presents candidates with an opportunity to develop more than just technical, job specific skills. As referenced previously in this article, most hospitality-based positions require daily interactions with both customers and work colleagues. Subsequently, there is an emphasis placed on communication and team working skills, with both being developed in abundance. As such, it should come as no surprise that experience in such people-orientated environments are looked kindly upon by potential employers. Additionally, as well as building soft skills, candidates are also able to augment their CV by gaining additional, hospitality specific qualifications in areas such as food preparation and culinary arts.

Truly Unique Industry 

The hospitality industry can present perks that few other industries can. If you find yourself working at some of the top hotels, you could be rubbing shoulders with VIP's, world class chefs and some other important guests. If you're able to provide an outstanding service to such individuals, you may even find yourself benefiting from a generous tip! Also, what other jobs allow the possibility for free, delicious lunches on the house? Lastly, the demand for hospitality services remains inelastic, rendering the industry more resistant to external, economic shocks in comparison to other industries.    


Having operated within the hospitality industry over the previous decades, we benefit from being the first port of call for companies looking for suitable candidates to fill their vacancies throughout Scotland. If you’re looking to build your career in hospitality, don’t hesitate to contact our expert hospitality recruitment consultants. Alternatively, you can view our current list of hospitality vacancies.