Why the Hospitality Industry can serve up your ideal job

Have you recently been contemplating a role in hospitality or perhaps you are looking to move back to the industry after some time in a different role? The pandemic undoubtedly caused a huge shift in demand due to business closures, endless restrictions and uncertainty, but now that we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel, this could be your time to pursue a career in this fast-moving, unique industry!

A career in hospitality can offer some of the most dynamic, exciting and rewarding positions within the job market today and in this article, we explore the many more unique benefits a career within this industry can serve up.

Rewarding culture

Hard work? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. The experience customers have within a hospitality establishment can easily make someone’s day, leaving you feeling fulfilled, appreciated and valued. Whilst kitchen staff and chefs won’t have the same level of customer interaction; however, the comradery in a busy kitchen can often lead to some unforgettable memories making the hard graft worthwhile.

The perks available for all kinds of roles within hospitality are also extremely rare to come by in another field of work. From spending your days in some of the most renowned hotels and restaurants and receiving ongoing support and career development, to boosting your tips each week and even bagging free accommodation and meals for live-in opportunities. You wouldn't get that in the 9-5 office job!

Flexible working 

If 9am - 5pm office life isn’t for you, a role in hospitality could be. The industry offers a wide range of variety in many areas, your hours being one. A career change not worth considering if you value a fixed routine!

Whether you’re looking for full-time work, or a student looking for some weekend shifts, hospitality will be able to serve up something suitable. Flexibility becomes even greater around seasonal times when organisations, such as restaurants and hotels, require additional part-time staff to offset increased demand. 

Great career development

Securing a position in the hospitality sector presents candidates with an opportunity to develop more than the typical hard skills and job-specific knowledge. Hospitality provides unrivalled soft skills that employers seek for all types of roles, such as first-hand customer service, resilience and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, meaning that if you ever fancied a change of scenery from hospitality, you'll certainly be able to showcase many timeless and admirable attributes for a successful industry move.

As referenced previously in this article, many roles within hospitality offer unbeatable perks and benefits, with career development being one of them. Whether you are an ambitious chef learning from industry experts to jump up the career ladder or talented Front of House staff elevating your role to reach new levels, clients within the hospitality industry are always looking to develop their employees to create a strong, robust team.

Truly unique career

The hospitality industry can present perks that few other industries can. If you find yourself working at some of the top hotels, you could be rubbing shoulders with VIP's, world-class chefs and some other important guests. Just as your hours vary with each week, so too will your day-to-day experiences. Although you carry out your same role, you’ll come across an assortment of customers and guests, meaning your days can be somewhat unpredictable, but exciting all the same. 

We believe that a career in hospitality is a truly enjoyable profession, giving you the opportunity to meet friends for life, represent some incredible venues and playing a huge part in having an impact on others in a positive way. 

Booming industry

Whilst the industry faced over 90% decrease in economic output at the start of last year due to Covid-19, as restrictions ease across the UK, the industry has an extremely fast-growing future. And with the industry experiencing such huge demand after an incredibly challenging year of Covid restrictions, it's no surprise that venues are now against the clock to re-build their teams and win back the business they would have missed throughout this time. Tourism prospects are also on the horizon, meaning it is highly likely that this sector will yet again experience a boost when the economy opens up again. 

The opportunities within the hospitality industry today are al endless! Restaurants are seeking talented chefs for immediate starts, cafes are building their waiting team to support demand and hotels are requiring experienced housekeepers and supervisors... So, if you are contemplating or currently looking for a new role within hospitality, we can be sure there is something out there for you!

Having operated within the hospitality industry for many years, we benefit from being the first port of call for companies looking for suitable candidates to fill their vacancies throughout Scotland. If you’re looking to build your career in hospitality, don’t hesitate to email your CV to our Hospitality Team at catering@stafffinders.co.uk or alternatively, you can view our current list of hospitality vacancies.