Why employers should use a recruitment agency

Here are Stafffinders’ reasons as to why companies should use a recruitment agency if they wish to ensure organisational success

There are some employers who prefer to recruit employees themselves rather than use a recruitment agency as they consider the cost of agency fees to be a barrier. However, the cost of not finding the right candidate who can enhance your team, is much higher and harmful to your business, especially in the long-run.

At Stafffinders, we believe that the people within an organisation are a company’s greatest asset. This is why it is so important to take great care when finding the right candidate who possesses skills and experience that can best serve an organisation. For over 46 years, we have been bringing together the right candidate with the right company and we continue to witness the positive impact that this has on both our clients’ success and our candidates’ wellbeing.

Here are Stafffinders’ reasons as to why employers should use a recruitment agency:

1. Decreased labour cost:

In addition to recruiting permanent employees for our clients, Stafffinders also supplies temporary staff. This is particularly useful for companies who may experience a shortage of staff for a period of time. By bringing temporary workers into your organisation, you can avoid the high cost of paying your full-time employees an expensive overtime rate.

Moreover, temporary employees will only work when your company requires them to, therefore you don’t need to worry about paying them a 40 hour per week wage when there is no work to support such wages. Likewise, as the temporary worker is employed by the recruitment agency and not by the business utilising their services, the business doesn’t have to worry about the employee filing for unemployment when their company no longer requires them to work. 

Lastly, the company utilising an agency’s service can reduce their labour costs as it is the agency that deals with payroll rather than their company. Payroll is a time-consuming task which involves substantial paperwork, therefore, using a recruitment agency’s services means that you don’t have to carry out this task. 

2. Greater flexibility:

Companies that recruit temporary staff through an agency can also gain increased staffing flexibility and they can create a more efficient workplace.

Let’s consider how companies can use temporary workers during periods of increased workload including seasonality and special projects or during periods of absence including maternity leave etc. Rather than regular, full-time employees taking on extra work and as a result, becoming stressed, temporary workers can carry out the work and therefore, avoid employee burnout of exisiting staff.

In addition, when workloads are high, employees may feel pressure to get things done quickly and they may even feel demotivated. This can lead to mistakes being made and decreased productivity. Similarly, demotivation and employee burnout can increase sickness levels. Therefore, bringing in temp workers means freeing up those schedules of full-time staff, enabling them to focus their efforts on their essential tasks and to continue to be productive.

3. Save time and resources:

There is no denying that recruiting new members of staff can be a very lengthy process. First of all, you must write a job description and person specification and then write a job advert. Then you will have to collect, organise and evaluate CVs and cover letters. After you have performed these highly time-consuming tasks, you must then pre-screen applications, carry out numerous interviews and complete reference checks. Tired already? Then why not save your time and resources by using a recruitment agency?

Companies who recruit staff themselves not only face the risk of not finding the right candidate, however, they are also likely to experience a decrease in productivity levels as they are focusing their efforts on recruitment rather than on their essential tasks.

Using an agency’s staffing solutions means that you can get on with your own work and enjoy peace of mind. You only need to state which type of candidate your looking for and for which role, and the recruitment agency will handle the rest.

4. Exceptional candidates:

At Stafffinders our specialised consultants have expert knowledge and experience of the industries in which they recruit. They possess extensive networks of talented candidates and they know where to find them. Likewise, they have fantastic knowledge of employment trends and of the hiring complexities that the market poses.

This means our consultants are able to choose employees from a very high-quality pool of candidates who will not only be an ideal match for the job, but they will also fit in perfectly with your company culture. Despite your company’s time and effort, you may not be able to find the same candidates as you would gain access to through using a recruitment agency.

Furthermore, agency consultants also know talented prospects who are already employed and are therefore not actively looking for a job, however they may be interested in other career opportunities should they arise. The consultants scan the passive talent market in order to identify the finest calibre of candidates whilst your company would most likely focus on scanning the active talent market, therefore limiting your choice of potential employees who might not be the best possible candidate for the role in question.

5. Try before you buy:

At Stafffinders, we offer our clients the opportunity to employ permanent candidates who are a suitable match for their company and we also supply with them with temporary candidates. By bringing candidates into your organisation to work on a temporary basis, you can evaluate whether they are a suitable match both for the job in question and for your company culture. Likewise, you can ensure that they will fit in with your employees and enhance your team before offering them a permanent position.

If you are unsatisfied with a temporary worker’s performance, all you have to do is contact the agency and they will supply you with another temporary worker who is better match, in a quick and efficient manner.

Similiarly, Stafffinders also offers a rebate period to clients for whom we provide permanent staff. In other words, we offer fee refunds if the permanent candidate leaves their position within a given period of time. This gives our clients peace of mind and assurance of our commitment in placing the right candidate. 

As illustrated, there are numerous benefits to using a recruitment agency’s services. If you wish to recruit new members of staff for your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialised consultants who will be happy to discuss your recruitment needs. We have a bank of fully referenced candidates across each of our 26 key divisions who are available immediately for temporary and permanent positions.


 stafffinders' recruitment service 

Why not take a look at what some of our clients have said about our excellent staffing solutions:

  • Southside housing association:

“I have been extremely happy with the service received from Stafffinders.  The standard of candidates put forward to us has been very high and would recommend Stafffinders to other companies looking for temporary members of staff.”

  • Albacore catering:

“I have been using Stafffinders for six months now. A good recruitment company, who have good, reliable staff. Their consultant Graeme keeps in regular contact and lets you know the person he has organised for you within a couple of hours. I would highly recommend Stafffinders.”

  • Loch Lomond Hotel:

“We have used Stafffinders for a number of years and we have always found their service to be of a high quality.  As a company they are professional, conscientious and competitively priced.  Their team members are very helpful, courteous, professional at all times and work extremely hard to find the 'right fit for the job'.”