Why all organisations should make employee engagement their main priority

It’s no surprise that organisations with engaged employees perform better than others, but what are those exact benefits? And how do you engage your employees?

Overall benefits of an engaged workforce 

Many organisations today are increasingly looking to reduce costs, which does not go hand in hand with the organisational objective of wanting to increase the level of production. Cost reduction is therefore, more often than not, prioritised over engaging employees. However, it has been proven that incorporating the engagement of employees into organisational objectives will have a positive impact on overall organisational performance.

Engaged employees are more likely to go the ‘extra mile’, both in terms of their job requirements as well as helping colleagues. Furthermore, their overall wellbeing is likely to be higher and they are less likely to call in sick. It has been estimated that engaged employees take an average of 2.69 sick days per year, whereas disengaged employees take an average of 6.19 sick days. This difference can decrease organisational costs significantly.

How to engage employees using small measures

How can you engage your employees without having to spend a fortune on it? There are several ways of increasing employee engagement with little investment and effort.

  • Performance appraisal

Feeling valued is one of the most significant determinants of employee engagement. Let your employees know what their role is in achieving organisational goals and that they are important to the organisation.

  • Encourage employees to speak up 

This increases employees’ sense of having a say in the organisation. Also, don’t forget to act on the complaints and suggestions that they may have.

  • Set clear and achievable goals

If goals are challenging but achievable, employees are likely to feel proud of themselves once they’ve achieved them. Furthermore, rewards do not have to be solely financial. Other alternatives include time off or arranging an event with the office.

  • Celebrate your staff’s birthdays and accomplishments

It might seem like a small gesture but it is likely to have a significant impact on what employees think about the organisation.

  • Allow your staff to move around between departments on occasion

This allows employees to gain a deeper understanding of how everything is connected and how the different departments work together. In addition, they will get to know their colleagues in other departments who they might not interact with on a regular basis, which will contribute to the overall wellbeing in the organisation.

These suggestions of how to increase employee engagement are small measures that does not have to be very costly. However, an employee’s personality will largely influence the employee’s 

engagement, regardless of the engagement measures taken by the organisation. Stafffinders therefore aim to find the right people for your organisation; someone who have the predisposition of being more engaged than other candidates. 

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