We’re saying goodbye to our summer interns!

Stafffinders’ involvement in the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme

Four interns joined us earlier this summer for a 10-week internship and three of them joined as part of the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme that Stafffinders is involved in. 10 weeks ago seems to have passed a little too fast and now they are all leaving within the next week. So, let us spool back- Who are they and what exactly have they been doing here at Stafffinders?


Our interns

Brogan McLachlan

Brogan’s role at Stafffinders has primarily consisted of driving online traffic by focusing on improving the website’s SEO and managing Stafffinders’ social media channels. She has created and managed promotional activities on Facebook and web-related campaigns, in addition to being responsible for reviewing employee training and making necessary changes to the online modules to ensure every staff training need was covered.

What have you learned?

My internship with Stafffinders enabled me to gain valuable work experience and expand on my skills and knowledge. As well as learning a great deal about how to improve a website’s SEO ranking, I also learned how to create effective content for social media channels. Moreover, my role required me to contact clients, candidates and other companies and I had to communicate with staff members on a daily basis, therefore I was able to develop my communication skills.

What did you enjoy the most?

It was rewarding to see that all of my hard work has had a positive impact on the company. I also enjoyed shooting videos for our website and running the Facebook competitions and it was great to see the response we received online. Moreover, I really enjoyed working with all the staff in the office who were very friendly and helpful.

Funny moment in the office

Creating videos of staff for Facebook was rather funny. We had to retake so many times that we’re now creating a bloopers video! I also made a bowl of cereal one morning when I came into work and put the cereal box into the fridge and the milk into the cupboard… Hopefully no one noticed.



Linda Johansson Linda

Linda has mainly been involved in driving online traffic on Facebook and the website by creating content and managing promotional activities. These activities include creating relevant articles, managing the Facebook page and arranging Stafffinders to be included in agency listings, which enables potential candidates and clients to find the business. 

She has also been actively involved in producing several informative candidate and client brochures.

What have you learned?

I’ve enjoyed working for a smaller business as it has given me more freedom and opportunities to implement new marketing strategies and to really see the impact they have had on the company. Working in an office has also given me great insight into how the different functions of a business work together, which has made me more motivated towards working for an SME in the future. 

What did you enjoy the most?

To immerse myself in something I genuinely have an interest in. It has been great being able to spend several hours on different projects and I have learnt so much from it. Furthermore, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the other interns and staff in the office; bonding over cake and chocolate- nearly everyone in the office has a sweet tooth.

Funny moment in the office

I could not have done my internship at a better time- it seemed like nearly half of the staff’s birthdays occurred during these 10 weeks! At Stafffinders they always treat the birthday boy or girl to some cake and one week we actually had birthday cake three days in a row!


Sophie Bunton sophie

Sophie’s role has been to help implement a bespoke software created by Stafffinders into the company, and to help the consultants to use it. She has made supporting documentation, such as user manuals and guides for clients and candidates to aid their understanding. She has also been performing market research to see if this software could be taken to market for use at other recruitment agencies. She has been looking at pricing, compatibility with other software and competing products.

What have you learned?

I have learned a lot about the recruitment field! Before this, I thought applying for jobs was simply filling in an application form and going to an interview but there are so many hard-working people that work behind the scenes to make sure that the job you are applying for is suited to your expertise, and if it is not, they will always keep you in mind for when another opportunity comes up.

What did you enjoy the most?

I have really enjoyed working in a bustling office environment. It is fun to chat to people during the day and spend time with them at lunch.



Tom McEntee tom

Tom has been working for Stafffinders’ sister company Kingpin International, a specialist International Tax recruitment firm. His role has mainly been to create content for Kingpin’s webpage and social media platforms. From a candidate perspective, he has had to do a lot of work on profiling possible locations to give candidates some valuable information before deciding on moving abroad.

What have you learned?

I have learned a great deal during my internship. From a marketing perspective, having written a lot of online content, I have learned the importance of knowing your target audience and doing your utmost to appeal to them specifically. Additionally, being in the office day in day out has been a real learning curve; just being in the working environment and listening in to everyday issues and calls has been extremely interesting.

I one day aspire to run a business, therefore working closely with both Jane from Stafffinders and Alister from Kingpin has given me an insight of just how much is involved with running a successful business, knowledge that I can hopefully use in the future. 

What did you enjoy the most?

The camaraderie in the office has been great, there is a strong togetherness amongst the group, with a perfect blend of hard work and enjoyment which has been a pleasure to be part of. The trips through to the Kingpin head office in Edinburgh were also very enjoyable and a nice change of scenery.

Funny moment in the office

I found myself in front of the camera perhaps more often than I would have liked, helping the Stafffinders marketing team with some social media content. Trying to get the perfect shot or video was often a comical experience with a lot of outtakes!



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