Staying Motivated During the Job Search

Tackling the job search can be challenging, especially in today's competitive climate. That's why its essential to stay positive and motivated throughout the process to avoid burnout and increase your chances of securing your next role. From looking for current and relevant roles to the preparation of remote interviews, the whole process can be tiresome and requires a lot of dedication.

It's important to stay positive throughout your journey, taking small steps at a time and setting realistic targets to ensure a steady yet effective process. Explore our blog on how to stay motivated throughout the job search to help boost your chances of landing your next job.

Identify and showcase your achievements

Take some time to write down all of your previous achievements, whether that was volunteering for a period of time or achieving a certificate from a recent course you completed. Start by showcasing your most relevant milestones that relate to your current career ambitions on your CV and LinkedIn profile to ensure potential employers are aware of your achievements, as these could put you at the forefront against your contenders. This is a great first exercise to remind yourself what you have accomplished over the years and give you that initial boost of confidence when you start applying for roles.

Dedicate a specific amount of time each day

The job hunt can be a lengthy process, therefore, dedicating a specific amount of time per day will help you stay motivated and eliminate the chances of experience job hunt burnout. It can be very easy to spend hours scrolling through job boards and company websites, this is when you need to take a step back and think more proactively. According to CareerBuilder, the average person spends around 11 hours per week looking for their next career move and advises people to push that to 15 hours to get ahead of the game. However, if you currently aren't working dedicating 25 hours per week is recommended.

Set realistic targets

Take some time to identify what you want to achieve each day and focus on. Applying for jobs is just a small portion of the hunt, so try to implement other beneficial tasks that could aid your job search other than applying for positions one after the other. Connect with a set number of people on LinkedIn that share your interests or work for a company you admire, and even look into completing a short course one day that you think will strengthen your resume and knowledge. These are fantastic ways to contribute to your personal brand and development, whilst keeping you motivated before you return to the job search.

Put quality before quantity

You may feel like you need to apply for numerous jobs with your CV to increase your chances of being successful, but its crucial to put quality before quantity. A must for candidates applying to multiple roles is to tailor your CV to each specific position you apply for. Unfortunately, a generic CV is usually very noticeable for employers and recruiters, so important to highlight your experience and achievements that relate to that role. This exercise can take time but will certainly pay off in the long run, letting employers know you are serious about the job and that your expertise matches the position requirements, which in turn will hopefully welcome some good news!

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See it as a learning curve

Sadly, applying for jobs welcomes a few rejections along the way. This can have a negative effect on your confidence and could cause you to give up. It's essential to evaluate what may be going wrong and seek help from your peers for some additional advice. Maybe you've completed a few interviews and haven't been successful, take this opportunity to request feedback so that you can work on ways to improve in the future. The most important thing to remember is to refrain from being disheartened if you receive some bad news and use these exercises as a chance to remaster your job hunt.

Maintain a positive lifestyle

It's easy to get caught up in the job hunt and spend multiple hours scrolling through job boards in your free time. If you end up getting into this habit it's important to take a step back to allow your mind to refocus as it could result in job hunt burnout! Take time out to do things that make you happy, like spending time with friends and family, getting fresh air or reading a book. Finding a new job may not happen as quickly as you would like so it's essential to take it one step at a time and ensure it doesn't affect your lifestyle or mental health.

Keep contact with your recruitment consultant

The team at Stafffinders can help you reach your career ambitions! We have a broad database of reputable clients all over Scotland, regularly looking for new talent to help make an impact. Our expert industry knowledge and insight into the job market will aid your job search, helping you land your dream job in no time. For more information on our services and top tips, visit our Career Advice page or better yet, register with us to receive access to new opportunities as and when they become available.