Stafffinders Team: What we've been up to during lockdown!

These past few months have certainly been slightly alien to us all, and whilst these recent times have been extremely challenging, we want to help spread some positivity by sharing what some of our team has been up to during life in lockdown! One thing we have realised during this time is that it really is the simple things in life that keep us going, from spending quality time with family to enjoying leisurely walks in your own hometown or even just having the time to sit down and finish a great book.

We asked some of the Stafffinders team what they have been doing to keep busy over lockdown and share some of their favourite moments from being at home.

Craig - Construction Team Leader

"Lockdown for me has meant the opportunity to see my younger kids develop and bond together. When would we ever get 10 weeks working from home and have the opportunity to witness our children growing up? During this time, we have also had some family additions with our goldfish and Molly our guinea pig." 

Craig - Construction team leader

Anne - Finance Assistant

"Husband and I have been baking during Lockdown, both of us have never baked anything before, I think we need to work on our presentation but even if we say so ourselves these tasted pretty good, the first photo is my husband’s Millionaire Shortbread, the following two were my take on an Apple Pie and a Victoria Sponge, we will definitely need to start getting some serious exercise done right enough if we keep this up!"

Anne - Finance Assistant

Pawel - Hospitality Consultant

"No day was the same during the lockdown, that could explain why my sleeping pattern shifted so much! I have spent time genuinely enjoying myself and exploring new horizons.

My “new horizons” included learning how to cook restaurant-quality steaks - don’t underestimate it, I have spent over a decade being a vegetarian so it’s a big move for me! Picking up cyclocross again - no, I did not fall into that river… Learning how to make incredible bread and finally picking up some books that have been waiting for me. 

So many people around say that you have to make the most out of quarantine, however quite often people forget the simple principle of self-care and wellbeing. 

These are extremely unusual circumstances to which adjusting wasn’t easy for anyone. People generally are creatures of habit and losing any routine - many of us are used to for years - can bring a deep sense of insecurity. I feel that also many are experiencing anxiety given the uncertain future. Pressure mounts even higher when you start comparing yourself to others which is so hard given free time to scroll through social media! You don’t have to open a million-dollar company, learn a language or make life-changing decisions during this time. The fact that you wake up happy each morning is more than enough! Don’t beat yourself up and most importantly don’t compare yourself to other people. It’s about survival and if you are doing that - whichever way that gets you through it, even if it means binge-watching How I met your mother for 5 days straight - you are doing fine!"

Pawel Hospitality Consultant

Chloe - Client Delivery Manager

"I’ve become quite the cook recently trying out some home baking and cooking some delicious vegetarian dishes from my Joe Wicks recipe book. Not bad for a beginner eh? I’ve also been taking my dog Pinky out for some lovely walks."

Chloe - Commercial Team

Lauren - Marketing Associate

"Although being cooped at home has been challenging at times, I have been extremely fortunate to have spent so much quality time with my family, enjoying time in the garden and being grateful for the amazing weather we've had! This time has also allowed me to appreciate what's right on my doorstep, from beautiful walks in the countryside to new cycle routes. With that in mind... I also got the dusty cookbook out and have been baking some lovely treats! It's all about balance, right?"

Lauren Marketing Associate

Louise - Financial Controller

"Home-schooling a primary 3 and primary 6 has been interesting and I have been very grateful for Alexa (for spelling words) and YouTube tutorial videos (particularly long division). Like many others, we have become big fans of Joe Wicks and have even dusted off the Nutri-Bullet to make healthy smoothies. After starting off lockdown thinking I would save a fortune with no petrol costs or going-out I must now be Amazons best customer buying “essentials” such as pink flamingo patterned duck-tape."

Tyler - Hospitality Consultant

"My lockdown has been pretty fun!! My boyfriend needed to work so we moved onto his uncle's farm until September. The farm hatches and raises birds (mainly pheasants and partridges) as well as highland cows, sheep, alpacas as well as 9 dogs! We have adjusted to a new way of life after giving up our house and moving into a caravan. 2 or 3 days a week I help with animals and other jobs around the farm. Other than that, I’m playing housewife spending my days cooking, cleaning and baking (which I am actually enjoying a lot!). They even helped build an old second-hand car for me, so I’ve been out practising driving so as soon as they’re opened up, I am to get official lessons and pass ASAP!"

Tyler Hospitality Team

Sharon - Commercial Principle Consultant

"Working from home was a juggle at the beginning, finding a quiet space to work with two teenage boys wasn't easy!!  Once I barricaded myself in and got into a routine, it was much easier, apart from the sporadic homework questions (thank you YouTube and Google)! With all the questions and trying to motivate the 'teens' to do said homework, there was only one thing that would ease the pain... Gin...oh and baking make it all a bit more bearable!"

Sharon Commercial Principle Consultant

Elaine - Accounts Assistant

"Lockdown for me has had many challenges one being not able to save any money as it all seems to go to Amazon! We had 2 lockdown birthdays within a week in our house which was interesting as we are normally away on holiday in the sunshine but this year it was ‘hameldaeme’, literally. However, it was made extra special with some surprises from family. I’ve learned how to bake which has been great for the waistline!"

Elaine Accounts Assistant

Chris - Hospitality Team Leader

"I've been enjoying some quality family time over the past few months, with walks in the sun during daddy daycare with my son Lex and giving up trying to keep him clean whilst eating spaghetti Bolognese! We've been cooking a lot too, from handmade pizza dough to braised beef daube and so many other creations. At the start of lockdown, I purchased a smallish orchid and now it is huge! (I have wanted one for years, so I am super excited about it!) Oh, and I shaved my head!"

Chris Hospitality Team Leader

Angie - Marketing Consultant

“Lockdown has been an interesting experience so far, from rediscovering my love for reading, to watching the classics and binge-watching intriguing documentaries on Netflix. But I must say, the most surprising thing to discover is that I actually enjoy gardening. It’s been great creating a little urban garden."

Angie Marketing Consultant