Social Media and Your Job Hunt

Nowadays, social media is a huge part of not only our everyday lives, but also our job search. Sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be fundamental in helping job seekers build a huge online network, which ultimately can lead to the introductions needed with key figures in your job hunt. However, as vital a role as social media can play when looking for a job, it can also go against you in a variety of ways. Here’s our do and don’ts to keep in mind:


Do adjust your privacy settings. If you’re not sure how private (or public) your social media profiles are, check. Limit everything so that only your friends can see what you post.

Do be careful with what you post. Even after adjusting your privacy settings, be mindful of what you post. Don’t share anything that could be detrimental to your job search, and if you’re unsure just ask yourself – ‘would I want my boss to see this?’.

Do make the most of LinkedIn. Made specifically for business-purposes, LinkedIn is your best option for connecting with potential employers.  

Do consider starting an industry-related blog. If you have this to show as well as your CV, it could show you have an invested interest in a career path in this industry, and will undoubtedly make you stand out from other candidates.



Don’t share anything inappropriate. This includes racist, lewd, or generally offensive comments or remarks. 

Don’t post anything negative about your current or previous employer. If it’s your current employer, you could be fired for any negative remarks about the company. And even if your post is about a past employer, it still doesn’t look good if your bad-mouthing them online. Just think, you wouldn’t do this in an interview, would you?

Don’t have an inappropriate profile picture. Remember this is the first thing people will see on your profile, even if they can’t see the rest of your page.

Don’t be afraid to google yourself. This is likely what recruiters will do, so it’ll be useful to see what they’ll see if they do. If anything appears that you wouldn’t want potential employers to see, get it deleted before they do.

Don’t forget these steps once you have the job. Even if your employer didn’t find anything controversial when you were looking for the job, that doesn’t mean they can’t find any new posts. Keep your guard up and keep it professional.

For advice on how to manage your online profile, and assist you in your job search, contact one of our friendly consultants at Stafffinders.