Signs you should start seeking a new job

It’s that time of year again when we start to reevaluate our lives and look ahead to a brighter new year (we hope!). And it won't be surprising that one of the most popular topics around the festive and new year period is pursuing a career ambition or landing a new job.

Is the thought of a fresh new year spurring you on to make a change in your career, or perhaps it has been at the back of your mind for a while? In our latest article, we explore the biggest tell-tale signs that employees may experience when a new job is on the cards, other than the usual new job resolution!


You’ve already considered the possibility of a new position

One of the more obvious signs workers face when thinking about getting a new job is in fact even considering it in the first place! Perhaps the thought of handing in your resignation and pursuing a new opportunity has crossed your mind more than once but turning it into a reality seems a little daunting. Although remember to not take 1 or 2 bad days at your current workplace as a definite sign to pack your bags, if it's been on your mind for a while it might be worth exploring new opportunities.


You’re struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Whether its work stress, committing to additional overtime or worrying about current projects, when work starts to affect your personal life, it could be time to make a change. It’s crucial to ensure your work commitments don’t outweigh your mental and physical health as this can have negative lasting effects on personal circumstances. But before you dive right into the job search, consider a meeting with your Manager to outline your concerns as there may be a solution internally.


You’re finding it increasingly problematic to get up in the mornings

Okay so early rises aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and as we enter the winter months, getting out of bed can be a little more challenging. However, if you are finding it increasingly problematic and experiencing a dip in your mood in the mornings you may want to re-evaluate if your current work-life is worth going through this continuous strain. Starting your day in a negative mindset will only make it harder to portray a positive approach throughout your working day. If you’re feeling like this, it may be time for a change!


You’ve experienced lower productivity and motivation levels at work

This is possibly one of the most important signs to look out for when your thoughts could be set on an alternative career, as it not only makes you feel like your pouring out of an empty cup but it also causes you to fall behind on crucial projects and responsibilities. You wouldn’t want your boss to pull you up for late assignments or for that matter, leave your current job on bad terms due to your work performance. It’s important to spot these signs sooner rather than later, to ensure your quality of work and of course, mental wellbeing doesn’t take the hit.


You’re not reaching your full potential in your current role

It’s not big-headed or boastful to believe you are ready to advance in your career and take on a more Senior position. Perhaps you’ve been in your job long-term and continue to carry out similar responsibilities that you did when you first commenced your role. Well then, it’s more than likely that you can do better! This is the time to discuss the possibilities of advancing your current role with your Line Manager if you would like to stay with your current company or explore new opportunities to take the next step in your career.



Sound familiar? Then what are you waiting for? If the signs are there it may be time to make a move! And the great thing is… this is what we do! Stafffinders have nearly 50 years connecting with prestigious clients from 34 industry sectors, meaning we are experts in sourcing invaluable career opportunities for candidates all over Scotland, no matter your expertise.