Scottish Family Business Association

She's The Boss
Scottish Family Business Association event at The Holiday Inn North, Edinburgh
13th November 2008


Jane Wylie-Roberts, Managing Director of Stafffinders spoke to delegates on the roles and challenges women infamily business face. 
Experts now predict that Britain will follow America's trend where 34% of family businesses expect their next Chief Executive to be a women as apposed to 10% at the moment are led by women.
Renee Reid, Director of Caledonian Family Business Centre also spoke at this event on how to boost women's leadership skills.
"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at the meeting in Edinburgh last Thursday.  You were so enthusiastic and motivational and obviously taking over the family business came with its challenges but you seem to have overcome these and are head of a very successful company.


Thank you for taking the time out of what appears to be a very busy life to put together such a wonderful presentation.  You were inspirational and clearly manage to balance your work and home lives very well as well as running a great business.
Its great to hear that ken and the other SFBA people were important in helping you to overcome the obstacles you faced when you took over the business and we look forward to creating our own story which I hope in a few years time I get the chance to stand where you were to tell other Scottish family businesses how we succeeded and moved out family business to the next level"



Motivational, Inspirational! What a woman!