The Scope of a Career in Construction

When you think of the construction sector it's easy to associate it solely with builders, technicians, and surveyors, but there are so many more career paths than those you see on the building site. At Stafffinders, we’ve been supplying talented employees to clients as well as sourcing opportunities for our candidates within this industry for over 49 years, therefore understand the many different professions that these organisations require.

In recent years, the construction industry has been known as one of the most popular sectors for creating employment and in 2018 over 10% of Scotland’s employment was within this industry. Of course, with the Covid-19 outbreak, unfortunately, these circumstances have changed but there remains hope that this industry will get back on its feet and offer employment opportunities just as before. With the phased return to work in full swing, we believe its important to outline its potential and reinstate the fact that there really is a job for everyone within this industry!

Throughout this blog, we explore the many professional roles this sector has to offer, what the advantages are of securing a career within the industry and how Stafffinders can support your career ambitions no matter your expertise.


What types of jobs are there in construction?

You may be surprised at how many different roles are available within the construction industry! From office support workers and white-collar supervisors to cleaners and machinists, there is a career for everyone in this sector and more than meets the eye. Of course, the most popular roles are electricians, builders, managers but what about the teams behind the scenes? Like many industries, companies require a whole host of professions to keep the business running and construction is no exception.

Steering away from the predominant construction roles, this sector offers opportunities for many office-based roles such as administration, marketing and finance positions. There are many more white-collar roles including projects managers, architects and accountants, emphasising the diverse career prospects for many, no matter your profession.


What are the advantages of securing a role within construction?

Although the sector is facing many struggles due to the effects of Covid-19, there are still plenty of benefits to getting your foot in the door of construction. As sites begin to re-open, the demand for skilled workers will hopefully increase, not only to resume work that had ceased but also to catch up with many major projects. These continuations and startups may also see a demand for white-collar professionals, to manage and oversee these operations, as well as a host of other positions such as machinists and engineers.

This industry is highly varied and can offer an employment opportunity for everyone, allowing employees to work on many different projects throughout their career. New projects and learning opportunities decreases the chances of job stagnation, which can lead to great job satisfaction.

Securing a position within construction can also set you up for unrivalled career progression. Many managers and directors of construction companies have started at the bottom and worked their way up the career ladder, meaning there’s always new opportunities and ways of progressing without feeling like you have nowhere else to go. There are so many avenues to explore within this sector, and truly is a place for everyone.


Finding talent and creating opportunities within the sector

Having operated within the construction industry for over 40 years, we benefit from being the first port of call for companies looking for suitable candidates to fill their vacancies throughout Scotland. We’re proud to call ourselves a ‘one-stop-shop’ for this sector, with our ability to supply such a broad variety of talented candidates to overall the required professions involved in the day to day running of this industry.

Craig Kenny, our Construction Sector Head has been working in this industry for many years and therefore understands the demand for a large variety of roles required within construction organisations. Find out what he thinks about this sector and the importance more than what meets the eye in construction:

“This has been a difficult time for everyone…. offices, sites, normal daily life is going to be different. However, myself and my team have not rested. We have been upskilling, improving our database and our relationships. Whether it be video meetings or skype interviews we are very much prepared for the new style of recruitment required. Construction has been buoyant for the Scottish economy and I feel that it will show its strength and bounce back even stronger.”


So, if you are a candidate pondering a career move or a client on the lookout for a diverse team, we’re sure Stafffinders can help support and supply your requirements. We think of everyone, from industrious labourers to high-flying project managers and everything in between!