Finding your perfect role this Valentine's Day

Dating and tackling the job search are certainly very different, however, whilst comparing the two journeys, they have more similarities than meets the eye! Commencing your job search before you start applying is one of the most important steps to take, to make sure you are portraying the best version of yourself and highlighting your greatest qualities before settling down into your dream career.

In our latest blog, we share our advice on how your experiences within the dating scene can help you also put your best foot forward to potential employers and recruiters, to land that perfect role.

Get yourself noticed

Starting your job hunt and stepping onto the dating scene certainly have their differences, however, the first steps to getting in the game are actually pretty similar! Perhaps your first instinct to getting noticed is downloading a dating app, well the same could be said for the job search. Whether you are looking for love or a new job opportunity, you need to get yourself out there online. After all, whilst the current circumstances continue, highlighting your profile and expertise online is more important than ever! 

Start by signing up to a recruitment agency, update your CV to share on job boards and start to research companies you can see yourself working for. With a highly candidate-driven market, this could be the most important step to getting yourself and your professional expertise noticed.

Utilise social media

Did you know that 70% of employers or recruiters search your social media channels during the recruitment process? And we're pretty sure you'll agree that this happens on the dating scene too! These days, people can easily look you up on various platforms to get an idea of your personality, hobbies and even the way you act across social media, and the same can be said for recruiters.

Employers like to see that potential candidates have a strong online presence as it allows them to develop a better insight into how you would fit into their company culture. That's why it's imperative to ensure your social media accounts portray you in the right light. Go the extra mile by following organisations and professionals that interest you, further showing employers your involvement and commitment to working in your chosen industry.

Before you start applying for your dream job check over your socials to make sure they are appropriate, as this could be make or break... Check out our blog on 'How social media can help or hinder your job hunt'  

Dress to impress

It may not seem like it but going on a first date and attending your first interview with a company are pretty similar (even if they are being hosted over Zoom for the time being!). It's essential to make a lasting first impression on your interview, so dressing smartly and professionally is a must. Even if you're interview is a video call, we recommend dressing for the occasion to ensure your interviewer knows you are serious about the job opportunity whilst getting your mindset into the right mode for an interview.

Refrain from ghosting

It can be hard to know when the right time is to get in touch with someone after a date (if it goes well of course!), but how does this apply to recruitment? For starters, even if the interview has gone terribly it is important to still reach out to the interviewer and thank them for their time and interest in the role if that still stands.

If you are still keen on the role after the interview, make time to follow up with the recruiter or employer to highlight your interest and show that you are eager to take on this new opportunity whilst making an excellent addition to their team. Even a quick email can put you at the forefront of their mind when they are deciding on who to hire for the role. And if you haven't already, connect with your interviewer on LinkedIn and stay engaged with their company updates to further show your interest.

Make it official

You’ve done it – the offer letter has been sent and you’ve got the job! It’s time to do what any good millennial does at the beginning of a new relationship - make it Facebook official…. or in the recruitment world, update your LinkedIn. Let all your connections know about your big news, and keep them in the loop. It's always good to keep your LinkedIn updated so that your professional network know what you're up to, and prospective employers can check you out.