PVG Holders Currently Required

PVG Jobs

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) membership scheme is managed by Disclosure Scotland. Its purpose is to ensure 'regulated work' for vulnerable groups is only carried out by suitable people.

The scheme works by people applying to join the PVG Scheme. Disclosure Scotland carries out criminal record checks and shares the results with individuals and organisations who are providing the regulated work.

If the information shows the applicant might be unsuitable for regulated work, they'll be referred for further investigation as part of the 'consideration process'.

A PVG scheme member's paper certificate shows the information available on the day it was created. Membership of the scheme lasts forever and scheme members are continuously checked unless they decide to leave the scheme.

Whilst a PVG can be required for a variety of different roles, the most common that Stafffinders require are:

  • PVG Drivers
  • PVG Cleaners
  • PVG Porters

Stafffinders have a number of PVG Jobs which we are currently recruiting for.

Learn more about the PVG Scheme here: https://www.mygov.scot/pvg-scheme/

Applying for a PVG

You can apply for A PVG by following this link. MyGov.Scot/apply-for-pvg/