How the pandemic encouraged reflection and re-evaluation

I think we can all agree that we ticked something off our endless list of things to do over the course of the pandemic. Whether that was finally painting the garden fence or learning how to cook, to completing a course to enhance your career development or diving into a whole new career path altogether. We have all conquered something in 2020 no matter how big or small, but the real question is… Would this of happened without the pandemic?

The pandemic has welcomed many changes to everyone’s life in one way or another, and whilst some of us have changed minor habits over the course of 2020, some have reevaluated their life and career goals entirely. We take a look at a few ways some of us may have reflected and reevaluated the way we live our lives, and how these changes could possibly stick around as the new normal.

Career changes

A major change for many people not only in the UK but across the world was the effects Covid-19 had on career stability and development. Whilst many people sadly experienced negative experiences throughout their career this year including furlough and redundancy, some people gained the time to reevaluate their career path and take the leap they had been postponing.

Those who have been working throughout the pandemic and perhaps working remotely, have also been able to experience more time at home with family and saving time and money on the daily commute. In fact, according to Finder, employees working from home are likely to save around £44.78 a week whilst Probrand found that around 45% save over an hour commuting each day. This has welcomed many changes to the way employees are utilising their days but also the ways in which businesses are operating worldwide, something that could transform business priorities for some time to come.

Lifestyle adjustments

It goes to say that all of us adopted an alternative lifestyle over the course of the pandemic. We said goodbye to lunch dates and shopping trips, nights out and weekends getaways. However, even though these changes transformed our normal way of life, it certainly made room for alternative (if not more wholesome) adjustments. As mentioned above, even those who are now working remotely are achieving more quality time at home, eliminating the usual commute and having a better work-life balance. With no option but to turn to DIY, many people took this time to focus on home improvements with the ONS recording a rise of 42% in household goods stores.

Self-care and mental wellbeing were also put to the forefront and many of us had a little extra time to focus on reading that book we never got round to, finally learning how to bake or simply enjoying quality time to relax with family. For some of us, we were no longer caught up in the hustle and bustle of normal life, allowing us to take a step back from 21st century madness for a moment and enjoy the simple things.

Physical wellbeing

One crucial worry across the globe when the pandemic arrived was how to maintain physical wellbeing whilst in lockdown. With gyms closing and outdoor exercise limited, it left us no choice to source other methods of exercise to support our physical (and mental) wellbeing.

Although gyms are essential to most and completing physical exercise within every home isn’t possible, many people transformed their usual gym routine into home exercises or getting out in the fresh air for walks and runs. With online home workouts at our fingertips and running routes on our doorstep, the opportunities are endless without committing to monthly gym subscriptions or travelling to your nearest leisure centre. Some people may even be thinking… Do I really need the gym?

Spending habits

A huge transformation throughout this year has been how we are spending our money. As mentioned above, our normal lifestyles are somewhat a thing of the past, we were no longer spending copious amounts on holidays, shopping trips and even commuting to work. The pandemic has encouraged people to shop locally, supporting their community and even buying from small businesses who are struggling, over the multinational supermarkets and fast-fashion companies.

Staycations were also a hit over the summer months and even into the winter as restrictions start to tighten again, encouraging people to appreciate their surroundings and the holiday opportunities we have right on our doorsteps. We’re sure there are plenty more spending habits that have been diminished over this time, even simple purchases such as lunch out at work and purchasing new clothes regularly (guilty!).

Have these habits caused you to reflect and re-evaluate your spending? And turn to your local amenities to support your community? We’re sure this has changed many people’s outlook on usual spending habits and could be here to stay.



It’s easy to think pessimistically surrounding the topic of Covid-19, however, the rollercoaster that is 2020 has certainly encouraged many of us to reflect and reevaluate our lives. However, will we slowly slip into our usual habits and normal routines? Or has the pandemic transformed our outlook on life for the foreseeable?