Optimising temporary workers for your organisation

Put simply, temporary workers form a fundamental element of business in today’s world. When used correctly temporary workers can have an invaluable effect on business operations and top line performance.

Due to their unique position they have the power to help your company quickly. Temporary workers shouldn’t be seen as mere fill-ins, instead utilise their expertise and unique position, they are a fresh pair of eyes after all.

Temps can be used on a semi-permanent bases, where your business can get the same Temp worker, day in day out, week in week out or the same each day(s) each week depending on your unique situation and requirements.

Business who are yet to realise the full potential of temporary workers are definitely missing out, so here’s four situations where temporary can be utilised by your business.

1. Holiday, Sickness, Maternity and Unexpected Absence Cover

Employees will take holidays and employees will get sick. That is two things we know. Temps provide a fantastic solution during these situations ensuring that your business operations continue to run smoothly during employee absence.

For longer periods of absence, such as maternity or injury leave, Temp workers can be used on a regular basis to fill the void, whether it be part time or full time hours.

2. Project Cover

Whether it’s an internal or external, businesses often undertake large projects or assignments that can tie up existing resources, including personnel, which can leave other business activities neglected or even unattended!

Temp workers are ideally suited to come in and handle these activities, ensuring that your organisation continues to operate smoothly and efficiently.

3. Handling Increased Workflow & Seasonal Demands

Throughout the year, workflow fluctuates up and down in relation to sales, client demand or order volume, depending on your business and industry.

On top of this many industries and businesses have a seasonal boom where, for a period of time, they have an opportunity to capitalise. Whether it be Florists for Valentine’s Day or Turkey Breeders at Christmas, temporary workers provide a feasible solution to ensure that you deliver on time and in budget.

4. Specific Assignments

One thing we can all agree on is that you’ll never run out of things do. But what if you could make your “to do” list smaller?

Temporary workers provide a perfect solution to get some traction on your “to do jobs”. Whether it’s a specific task such as a database clean up, or assistance in the implementation of new systems or process, Stafffinders is able to provide you with specifically skilled and experienced temporary workers.

Not sure how temporary workers can be utilised by your business? Get in touch, we would love to show you.


Whatever the industry, whatever the role, Stafffinders would be delighted to assist your organisation and place quality temporary staff. Employable for as little as four hours per assignment and managed through Stafffinders innovative online timesheet solution, utilising temporary workers couldn’t be easier.
Stafffinders is also Gangmasters accredited, allowing us to place temporary workers into the Food and Drink manufacturing sector. 


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