New Year, New Job?

Happy New Year from Stafffinders!

New Year, new you – that’s how the saying goes, right? We hear it every year, and it’s true – the turn of the new year can be seen by many as the opportunity for a ‘clean state’, ready to start the new year with fresh ideas, mindsets and goals. For many of us, this message can include the hopes of a new job, or even bigger…  a new career altogether.

For some of us, maybe we’ve been at our current company for a while, and just feeling a bit restless. Maybe we think we could do better (productivity-wise AND financially) at a different company doing the same role. For others, it could be the desire for a complete change of career – perhaps we’ve decided it’s time to pursue the lifelong dream we never quite got around to. Either way, a job change is a huge decision, and requires a lot of time and dedication.

We’ve all been there – by the third week of January, maybe even the fourth… motivation starts to slip a bit. Our New Year resolutions that we were so positive about, so focused on a mere couple of weeks ago now seems like a distant dream once the novelty wears off and real-life kicks in again. This can be particularly true when we put in the hard work, but don’t immediately see results. In other words, we spruce up the old CV, apply for job after job, but don’t get the instant interview invitation that we hoped for.

So, what’s going wrong? The answer to this… nothing! Finding a new job can take time, so don’t be hard on yourself if nothing comes up right away. The important thing to do is keep motivated, and stick to your resolution! If it feels like you’re getting nowhere, take some tips from Stafffinders for sticking to your goal.

Get Organised

If you’re out of work, it’s easy to slip into some unproductive habits. For those of us who are unemployed, does spending the afternoon in your pyjamas sound familiar? No judgement here – we all have those days. However, the more you slip into this routine the less productive you’ll feel, so make an effort to get up at a reasonable time, get dressed, and make a plan for the day. Decide on a realistic time slot to dedicate your day to the job hunt, and stick to it. A to-do list never goes a miss, and ensure you keep yourself encouraged by rewarding yourself a short break every time you complete a task. For those of us still in work but looking for a change, do the same. It might be a bit harder as you’ll need to do this out-with work hours, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Just don’t let slip to your current boss about your plans – it might not go down too well if they know you’re unhappy in your role.

Focus on Yourself

As important as it is to spend a dedicated amount of time focusing on the job hunt, don’t forget about the most important thing – you! Job hunting can be draining, and it’s important to not let your mind and body slip into the slump that unemployment can bring. After your above-mentioned time by the computer, take your mind off of it for a while and do something for you. Exercise, go out with friends, or relax reading a book. Whatever you find relieves you best of the stress that can come with looking for a job, do it! This will be much better for you, mentally and physically, than sitting by your computer all day waiting for a response to the job you applied for ten minutes ago.

Think Positively

This could be one that many people roll their eyes at – after all, how can we think positively after stream of rejections? It might seem difficult at times, but it’s undeniable that positive thinking really can change your mindset, and it’s really important to remember this when you’re searching for a job. It won’t always be easy, but it’s important that you don’t get dragged down by unsuccessful applications. If you’re having a rough day, and it’s hitting you harder than usual – talk to someone. Talking to a friend or family member about your frustrations regarding your job hunt will take a bit of weight off your shoulders, and your bound to feel better afterwards – a problem shared is a problem halved!

We all understand how challenging it can be looking for a new job, particularly in the New Year as our ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra begins to wear off and our resolutions start to dwindle away around us. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone – everybody has endured the dreaded search for a new job at some point in their lives.


Working with a recruiter can make your job hunt feel a lot less lonely – they know what they’re talking about, and they’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. At Stafffinders, we cover a wide range of sectors offering full time, part time, temporary and permanent positions, meaning there’s something for everyone. To help you with your job hunt in the New Year (or anytime of year!), contact Stafffinders.